Final Move Update

The last few months has seen AC Laser undertake so many large scale changes that we at times have to step back ourselves to really take it all in.

Last week our third and final machine was decommissioned and moved to our new factory. We are now operating entirely from our new address:

4 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown

With the third machine currently in the process of being set up it is all on schedule to be cuttingby mid next week.

Our new signage has been installed along with the jib crane which has now been setup next to the BySpeed. With all three machines soon to be running our increased production will mean shorter lead times for you the customer.

With these final projects soon to be complete this closes the door on our time at Northgate drive and what will always be such a very important and large part of AC Laser’s history. As valued customers the invitation is always open to stop by so we can show you around and provide a quick tour of the new factory whenever it is convenient.

This move has taken a month or two longer than we originally expected, most things that could go wrong did but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel just in time for the Christmas break. It goes without saying but we want to once again thank you for your patience and support throughout this time.

We look forward to starting the new year working closely alongside all of you.

The Team at AC Laser

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