AC Laser in 2017 …

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for AC Laser. With our factory move completed at the end of last year we moved our attention to improving other aspects of the business.

With the BySprint Fiber now the main work horse of the AC Laser fleet our production levels had significantly increased. This increased cutting capacity meant a chain reaction as we added an additional programmer, sales consultant and an additional machine operator for each of the shift.

We increased our racking capacity yet again by installing new racking to house the scrap bins and create more useable floor space in the inwards good area.

These improvements weren’t just limited to production and cutting though. The increase in factory space, staff and equipment highlighted the need for us to increase our safety procedures. After much hard work and planning this resulted in installations of all warning and safety signs around the factory and all safety lines.

As always all of this is made possible by the continued support from you the customer and we hope to repay this with shorter lead times and even better service.

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